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Co-Directed and adapted with Joseph Winer 
March 2017 - Pinter Studio, QM

“Honour’s coming to the female sex.
Slander will no longer injure women.”

It’s 2025. Britain has long left the EU. America has just faced another presidential election. The world has regressed. People are protesting for rights which have been taken away from them.

So what happens when Jason leaves his wife Medea and their newborn baby for the daughter of King Creon; a fascist ruler, who opposes everything that Medea stands for? Join us for a tale of domesticity, set in a not-so-distant dystopian future. 

Freddy Barouh
Emily Campbell
Eva Friedman
Helena Grezo
Daniella Harrison
Stephan Ledesma
Kerry Maxwell
Francesca Miotto
India Raniolo
Emily Redpath
Efe Uwadiae

Stage Manager - Sofia Zaragoza
Production Technician - Kyle James Murphy

Photography: © Dani Harvey, 2017

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